Euphoric Fusion is the brainchild of two best friends back in 2000.  KeeQue had been djing at local dance clubs and around the Coastal Bend near the university he attended.  In town he played a little of everything and outside of town he played all underground dance music.  He picked up a radio show to play all dance music on the university radio station and started meeting lots of new and interesting people.  One of those people was a guy with a blue afro that played death metal on the radio station during his weekly show “Metal Overdose” and a lot of eclectic electronic music on his Saturday radio show “Electronic Fusion”.

Jav was a communications major who was getting into a lot of music that people around this part of Texas were really not used to hearing and KeeQue liked his enthusiasm for it.  They decided to work together on a weekend mix show.  KeeQue had been playing shows with this type of music in which the partygoers seemed to be in a state of euphoria on the dancefloor.   He wanted to try and capture that in his sets and in his radio shows.  Jav wanted to keep a part of the name of his show to indicate that it was the combination of music types to create a new medium and a new sound.  
A new beginning was made and thus was born Euphoric Fusion Radio.  A blending of electronic music types ranging from latin house to trance to breaks to funky Chicago house to hard house in one seamless, continuous mix for 2 hours.  Jav also joined KeeQue in his residency as his MC, rocking the party every week.

As school went on and as the gigs started to stack up in other areas of Texas such as the Rio Grande Valley, Corpus Christi, San Marcos and Austin, KeeQue wanted to try and retain some of the new friends and electronic music enthusiasts that he encountered in his travels.  Needless to say, Jav was always riding in the Chewbacca seat in the Pontiac “DJ KeeQue” tourbus and had the desire to continue his radio shows the way HE wanted, without the ridiculous radio regulations that sometimes frustrated both him and KeeQue in their musical endeavors.  So they went underground.
KeeQue had been experimenting online for ways to reach a broader audience than traditional radio antennas would.  He took to broadcasting in voice chat rooms to any willing listeners and would often participate in brutal microphone wars which ended up in extreme frustration!  There had to be another way.
It was at that time that KeeQue realized that the internet could be used to exclusively stream content and utilized this to create “Euphoric Fusion Internet Radio”.  The stream operated for years as simply a link to streaming music for years and was usually off and on, depending on whether KeeQue wanted to stream or not.  Life kind of smacked KeeQue and Jav in the face so most of the time the radio station was left on the backburner as time went on.
Then in 2003, KeeQue took a new interest in broadcasting music outside of traditional mediums.  He had played numerous shows by this time in all major metropolitan cities in Texas and had matured his selection of house music.  He also saw that there was HUGE potential to reach a broader audience.  Not just in his home town of San Antonio, but across Texas and the world!!

Jav had since ended his radio days.  He was nowhere near finished, though.  KeeQue told him that he wanted to start up the internet radio as a 24/7 stream with live shows at least 2 nights a week and Jav was ready to roll! By the end of 2004, the radio station went back up, the music started pouring out and the listeners started pouring in!  Some shows boasted listeners from as far away as Germany, Lithuania and the Czech Republic.  During the day and at all hours of the night, listeners would stop in to take a listen to what these two had re-created.  Sets were recorded and replayed throughout the day and sets were also added from many of their favorite performers and producers.

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